Виниловая пластинка London Symphony Orchestra, Andre Previn - Romeo & Juliet



 Act I, Scene 1
A1   No. 1: Introduction  
A2   No. 2: Romeo  
A3   No. 3: The Street Awakens  
A4   No. 4: Morning Dance  
A5   No. 5: The Quarrel  
A6   No. 6: The Fight  
A7   No. 7: The Prince Gives His Order  
A8   No. 8: Interlude  
   Act I, Scene 2
A9   No. 9: Preparing For The Ball  
A10   No. 10: Juliet As A Child  
   Act I, Scene 2 (Part 2)
B1   No. 11: Arrival Of The Guests (Minuet)  
B2   No. 12: Masks  
B3   No. 13: Dance Of The Knights  
B4   No. 14: Juliet's Variation  
B5   No. 15: Mercutio  
B6   No. 16: Madrigal  
B7   No. 17: Tybalt Recognises Romeo  
B8   No. 18: Departure Of The Guests (Gavotte)  
   Act I, Scene 2 (Conclusion)
C1   No. 19: Scene At The Balcony  
C2   No. 20: Romeo's Variation  
C3   No. 21: Love DanceAct  
   Act II, Scene 1
C4   No. 22: Folk Dance  
C5   No. 23: Romeo And Mercutio  
C6   No. 24: Dance of The Five Pairs  
C7   No. 25: Dance With Manolines  
C8   No. 26: The Nurse  
C9   No. 27: The Nurse Gives Romeo The Note From Juliet  
   Act II, Scene 2
D1   No. 28: Romeo At Friar Laurence's  
D2   No. 29: Juliet At Friar Laurence's  
D3   No. 30: The People Continue To Make Merry  
D4   No. 31: A Folk Dance Again  
D5   No. 32: Tybalt Meets Mercutio  
D6   No. 33: Tybalt And Mercutio Fight  
D7   No. 34: Mercution Dies  
D8   No. 35: Romeo Decides To Avenge Mercutio's Death  
D9   No. 36: Finale  
   Act III, Scene 1
E1   No. 37: Introduction  
E2   No. 38: Romeo And Juliet  
E3   No. 39: The Last Farewell  
E4   No. 40: The Nurse  
E5   No. 41: Juliet Refuses To Marry Paris  
E6   No. 42: Juliet Alone  
E7   No. 43: Interlude  
   Act III, Scene 2
E8   No. 44: At Friar Laurence's  
E9   No. 45: Interlude  
   Act III, Scene 3 (Part 1)
E10   No. 46: At Juliet's  
   Act III, Scene 3 (Conclusion)
F1   No. 47: Juliet Alone  
F2   No. 48: Morning Serenade  
F3   No. 49: Dance Of Girls With Lilies  
F4   No. 50: at Juliet's Bedside  
F5   No. 51: Juliet's Funeral  
F6   No. 52: Death Of Juliet